Amazing 10 BBC Micro: bit projects and Facts

Amazing 10 BBC Micro: Bit projects:

Hello readers, welcome back to the Amazing BBC Micro:Bit Projects designed and developed using MicroPython programming Language.
Amazing BBC Micro:Bit projects

Brief of Micro:Bit:

  • Micro: bit is the best amazing device developed by BBC for the children to work on real programming
  • It is called as an Education tool in the programming. It is an embedded platform runs on Micro Python programming
  • It is created as a collaboration among many different companies
  • It contains LED Lights, buttons, and sensors to help students understand the interaction between the programming and physical world
  • It is an Advanced RISC Machines(ARM) based hardware embedded system and open source platform.
  • It uses MicroPython to develop educational based projects for children.
  • It is suggested to use mu editor when developing the projects.
  • Python has created a special microbit module in MicroPython to control device and develop the projects

Key Physical Features of Micro: bit:

  • It has 25 individual programmable LED’s
  • It has 2 programming button for the interaction
  • It has physical connections pins
  • It comes with light and temperature sensors
  • It is included with motion sensors like accelerometer and compass
  • It has USB interface
  • It has wireless communication like Bluetooth and Radio

By using micro:bit you can make simple pictures, build virtual magic 8 ball, record temperature and communicate wirelessly between two different micro-bits.
microbit-pinsBeating Heart

Let’s get into the Best 10 BBC micro:bit projects:

You can develop the listed below kind of best projects using micro:bit.

Micro:bit Metronome:

We can develop the music with having equal time intervals. Like bound the music with time intervals.

Micro:bit Health Step Count:

You can develop step counts of the person walking on an average using micro:bit by shaking the device.
Keep track of micro:bit shaken when you walk and display it as a count.

Micro:bit Micro Morse Phone:

Allows you to communicate in Morse code and it is used to send simple and short radio messages.
As result, it allows communicating with several micro:bits to each other by sending dots and dashes.

Micro:bit Micro Traffic Lights:

You can create a colored traffic light system and can control the order of the lights emitting from micro:bit.

Micro:bit Weather Station:

We can develop the weather station project using sensors. The indicated message can be sent through another medium.

Micro:bit Buzz Wire Game:

Can develop wire games like led lights are allows glowing in a continuous process like wire bent way producing a buzzer sound. The game will be restarted once the buzzer sound triggers. We can keep buzzer sound like the ‘end of the game’.

Micro:bit Combination Lock:

Can develop circuit connection projects. In the combination of two different patterns and make them as a circuit. This is used to protect the files from intruders. Use the micro:bit sensor for alarm the sound when detects.

Micro:bit Temperature Reader:

You can check the temperature of CPU, and electronic devices using the heat sensor exists in the micro:bit.

Micro:bit Lighting for the bike:

You can create flashing lights for your bike. Get a Neopixel strip and power battery. Both should be attached to the micro:bit. Along with the micro:bit attach the battery and cover them under the bike seat.  You can use your own creativity for sticking it to the bike and make flashy.

Micro:bit Flashing Heart:

You can create a flashing lED routine, in the shape of a heart. Not only the heart you can create any smile symbol or smile pattern by connecting your micro:bit to the electronic device.

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