Awesome New Features in Python3.7

New Features in Python 3.7 version.

Hello Readers, welcome back to awesome new features in Python 3.7, in most every version has its own new features where it makes the programming life simple and easy. We will see how the new version makes simple and easy, Let’s begin with good programming features in python 3.7.

Main Features which make differ from older versions:

  1. Strong in Threading and Multiprocessing
  2. Built-in BreakPoint
  3. Data Classes
  4. Annotations and Type Hinting
  5. New way of writing Lambda expressions
  6. Customization of Module Attributes
  7. Mutable Objects
  8. Time Functions

Lets begin with brief of the above nice features

  • It has strong Asynchronous techniques and IO operations in comparing older versions
  • Strong in handling Multi-Threading and processing. And also strong in Input/Output based codes
  • Accuracy(throughput) and Execution speed is more than older versions. Python 3.5 is a stable release, handles same as 3.7 does but only a few changes are missing
  • New function breakpoint() is added, simplifies the debugging style. As a result, it makes debugger life easy, simple, and effective
  • Data Classes are included and allows to create own classes easily with predefined methods and are added automatically when a class is created. These are the methods .__init__(), .__repr__(), and .__eq__(). Data Classes makes the programmer create robust classes easily and in a quick manner. Implementation in Data classes can be done easily
  • Mutable objects can be created easily and can also be made as immutable objects called frozen objects using Data Classes. Not only this we have more features on data classes
  • New time methods are introduced and allows to access Nano seconds
  • Type Hinting and Annotations is another good new feature where conversion of data type is easily done. It is flexible to use set and dictionaries and makes simpler
  • New Performance benefits are bought up with Python 3.7 version and calling the functions are faster than any other older functions.
  • We can write the statements inside the Lambda expressions easily, its other new feature minimizes the code
  • It supports our own customization of module attributes
  • Having these all benefits, Python 3.7 is not a stable version, and it’s still adding new functions. we had a good community for the reference and work can be done easily. Choosing the correct version depends on the project and how you feel better.

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