Top Micro-Frameworks in Python

Hello readers, welcome to the Top Micro-Frameworks in Python. These are frameworks allows building the small-scale web applications in less time. Choosing the Micro Framework depends mainly on your project size and complexity if it is less you can go with any of these listed frameworks.
The benefits of using these frameworks are, can add plugins whenever it is required and unplug the same way.



Flask is a popular Micro Framework in python used to build and develop Web Applications. It uses the template on the basis of Jinja2, and Werkzeug.

  • It is an open source framework written in Python
  • It supports to build Standalone Web-based Applications and programming in Flask is also called ‘Flask is Fun’ and looks like that
  • It is also based on the size of the application you want to build
  • It is Easy to set up and installs the newer release of the Python version
  • It supports the client side sessions (cookies) and secures the cookies
  • It uses the Python Web Server Gateway Interface (WSGI)
  • Flask comes with a built-in development server and debugger environment. It is also integrated with unit testing support minimizes the time and focus on the task
  • It supports RESTFul request dispatching where it really works in navigating the user from one page to other page using links

Version: Flask 1.0.2
Works Fine with Python 2.7 and Python 3.5+
Installation: pip install flask
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Flask Installation


Bottle is a Micro Framework written in Python based on WSGI.

  • It is a simple, fast and powerful framework for developing small-scale Web Applications
  • It uses virtualenv variable and Git installed in the system
  • It uses single file module design and requires no dependencies due to Light Weight
  • It Supports cookies, header, form data and HTTP metadata access easily
  • It comes with fast Built-in template engine to load HTML pages in the web application. It follows simple template syntax architecture
  • It comes with few necessary standard libraries, Plugins and supports to add external libraries using pip
  • It also has a built-in HTTP development server

Version: bottle-0.12.13
Works Fine with: Python 2.7 and Python 3+
Installation: pip install bottle
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Bottle Installation


CherryPy is an open source web framework uses the object-oriented programming structure to build the application.

  • It is designed to develop the applications in a fast and simple manner
  • It allows to develop stand-alone applications and deploy them anywhere in the python environment, can run using Multi-Threaded web server
  • It uses the Python Web Server Gateway Interface (WSGI) HTTP/1.1-compliant
  • Applications can run on any platform like Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and any other python support operating system
  • It handles the cookies, sessions, static files uploading
  • It is stable to develop the applications and has a good community support
  • It is easy to run multiple HTTP servers, flexible plugin system allows to add plugins, supports unit testing and lightweight

Version: CherryPy-18.0.1
Works Fine with: Python 2.7 and Python 3.4+
Installation: pip install cherrypy
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cherrypy Installation


Pyramid is an open source WSGI web framework based on the Model-View-Controller architecture.

  • It provides template architecture to handle web pages and also supports databases and security features
  • It is developed as a part of the Pylons Project
  • It supports to build single-file applications and maintain easily
  • It allows to configure the applications with decorators and allows to develop the applications interactively
  • IT also has the debugger mode to find the bugs easily
  • It handles the cookies and sessions and builds fast applications. You can directly configure the applications easily and also provide advanced features

Version: pyramid-1.10.1
Works Fine with: Python 2.7, Python 3.4+ and Python 3.7
Installation: pip install pyramid
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Pyramid Installation

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