What is Python Programming

What is Python Programming and its brief:

Python is an interpreted programming language. Python Programming is a high-level language, easy to understand, uses simple syntax like other languages c,c++, java, c#, and many other programming languages. It is developed by Guido Van Rossum at Centrum Wiskunde Informatica and the first version was released in the year 1991. The name Python is originated from ‘Monty Pythons Flying Circus’ where Guido is reading the script of a BBC comedy series in the 1970s. So Guido decided to name his language as short and simple called Python.

Let’s dive into Python Programming what it really makes different among other programming languages.

Let’s get Python downloads and documentation.

What is Python:

  • Python program follows a simple syntax structure and easy to understand. It is used in various application domains
  • Python Programming is fun to use like write less code and get more accuracy
  • Python programming can be written in 3 different ways like Scripting, Functional Programming, and Objected-Oriented. As it is already stated as an object-oriented language
  • Python programming runs on Linux platform, MAC, Windows, and other operating systems
  • Python has a runtime environment as it is interpreted language directly transforms the code to machine-readable code
  • Python is scalable and extensible
  • Python language has many standard libraries allows accessing easily like String Processing(Files, RE module, Unicode, etc), Internet Protocols, Software Engineering, and managing Operating System tasks
  • Python current stable version is Python 3.7.1 and Python 3.8 is under development Progress

Python Programming

Python Downloads and Documentation:

Python files and downloads are available from python organization, Please click here for latest Python Source Files

Click here for the latest Python documentation

Are you a newbie for python programming, please don’t worry you can learn it in a short span of time. There are good tutorials and books are available in the industry. Python is a very stable programming language as it releases for every 6 to 18 months roughly since 1991. No need to worry about stable releases we can learn easily.

As per my knowledge new Python learners or users are rising up but I can’t provide the exact count in the industry. But there are approximately tens of thousands of users. Python is an open source and free language available to start enough.

There are many successful projects done using Python, please click here for Successful projects list.

Python is a good programming language for beginners because it uses very simple and consistent syntax in programming. And has very good frameworks and libraries available. New learners can actually concentrate on important challenges in programming. I appreciate beginners to go with Python Programming with my personal experiences.

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